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Assessing your local market:
A guide to competing in 2021

2020 saw the world change, but it also saw the fuel market change. Key challenges such as reduced volumes, aggressive competition, market consolidation and demanding investors led to huge changes in competition dynamics.

Retailers need to understand where they now sit in this new world and how to compete in it. In order to do this they need to assess not only their own stations and how they are managed, but how their competition are going to respond.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to self-assess your fuel retail site(s)
  • How to identify the real competition
  • How to compare yourself to them
  • How to use this information to improve your competitive position

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March 10th 2021, 1pm EST

Presented by Mark Truman, Chief revenue officer


Mark has been working in the software space since 2010, where he helped energy companies grow through greater insight and analytics whilst working at GlobalData in London. In 2017 Mark helped launch the EdgePetrol product by listening closely to the challenges of the fuel retail market and helping tailor both the solution and the service to solve them. He is responsible for the customer life cycle, from marketing to sales to retention.

What our customers are saying

“Since using EdgePetrol, we’ve made an extra €18K gross profit across our 9 sites in just 1 month”

Fuel director
Oil Co. 


"We have increased our fuel profit by 17% with EdgePetrol”

Retail Director
11 site operator 

“I have 30 years experience running a garage, technology is moving forward massively and gives us more accuracy.”

1 site operator